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Here's How Time Dollars Club Works

Welcome to the Time Dollars Club where members can trade with each other and get a ten percent (10%) discount on all goods and services they purchase with their Time Dollars. Instead of paying retail plus you get a 10% discount!

Time Dollars are the Real Deal – You can even take them to the bank. Yes, you read that right! Trade your Time Dollars with other members and get a 10% discount. Or use them to pay for anything offered by non-members just like paying with electronic cash. Members can even mix Time Dollars with Cash when buying or selling goods and services. One Time Dollar is equal to a real dollar and usable worldwide anywhere $USD dollars are accepted!

  • Each Time Dollars Club Member gets their own unique eWallet

    Your “TimeBox” eWallet comes with a virtual checking account. E-mail a check to anyone with an email address (including yourself) as payment for anything. You can even “take them to the bank”. REALLY! The Virtual Checks from your TimeBox can be deposited like any other check at all banks in the USA.

  • Each TimeBox also includes a Prepaid Platinum Genie Visa Debit Card

    Move some of your Time Dollars to your Prepaid Visa card and spend them anywhere Visa is accepted, worldwide. You can even load cash to your Prepaid Visa card via ACH or at over one hundred thousand locations nationwide (https://geniecard.com/loadlocations.php). Get a 10% discount on anything you buy when you use your Prepaid Visa card to purchase goods and services from other members!

  • Each TimeBox is integrated with the Members cellphone number

    Paying another member? Simply giving the selling Member your cellphone number. All payments made with your cellphone number are secured – they require your authorization for each payment. Selling Members enter your cellphone number into their Time Dollar Gateway, and in seconds you will receive a text message requesting your authorization for that purchase. Authorize the payment and the selling Member gets paid in Real-Time.

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If you run out of Time Dollars
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100,000 Locations in USA (Walgreens, 7-Eleven).

Your Time Dollars give you Instant Purchasing Power!

No Credit Check, Credit Line, Reserves , Limits on Trading, Waiting to Spend, Waiting to Get Paid, Barter Dollars


6% transaction fee

When you sell your products. Can be paid with your Time Dollars. 

$49.95 Set up fee

A one time cash fee to be trained and set up in your Time Dollars Club

10% discount

When you buy products or services within your Time Dollars Club.

$0 annual fee

Annual membership to have access to the Time Dollars Club.

$24.95 monthly fee

We offer an affordable monthly fees. Pay it with your Time Dollars!

$0 membership fee

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Genie Visa Card Features

  • No Credit Check
  • No employment verification
  • No bank account needed
  • FDIC Insurance of $250,000 per GenieCard
  • Load your GenieCard with up to $5000 per day
  • Over 100,000 Loading Stations nationwide
  • Each GenieCard includes its own unique ABA Routing
  • Each GenieCard has Account Number for ACH Deposits
  • All transactions can be done with your Cellphone Number

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